C9 Blocks Plugin


10 new blocks, section templates, full landing page templates, and an interface for accessing all templates + saved block layouts

New C9 Blocks

 At its core, our C9 Blocks plugin includes a basic set of blocks that should give you everything you need for a stage two kind of responsive website. Think of these blocks (along with the core WordPress blocks) as the essential pieces that make up good landing page content. This can be about you, your company, your charity, band, or store might want to highlight.

Arguably one of the most powerful, and complex responsive blocks with background video, image, and overlay support.


Heading blocks with the ability to override font sizes, styles, and a subheading powered by Bootstrap classes


A responsive call-to-action bar with a button that can link to an email sign up or buy page with alignwide and alignfull support

Vertical Tabs

Vertical set of tabs that stacks on mobile with full accessibility compliance from Bootstrap

Horizontal Tabs

Horizontal tabs that scale down on mobile for clear and concise information on any screen size


Two styles of toggles for hiding information behind a click or a heading.

Image Carousel

Responsive slider for images with captions and subheadings. Change the animation speed, auto paging, and the display of arrows and indicators

Post Grid

Display a grid of posts, pages, or any custom post type in WordPress, with a wide range of filters and settings for exactly what you want to display in a responsive grid


A responsive slider carousel that can go inside of any C9 Grid element. Make a slider of logos, built in WordPress blocks like galleries, paragraphs, media & text, or videos

Social Share

A simple set of social sharing buttons that utilize the FontAwesome 4.7 icon set. Buttons links are pre-configured for popular social networks.

Section Templates

Open up the icon that looks like the feather gradient in the upper right corner to see the C9 Blocks Sidebar. From here, you can view/add section templates, full landing page templates, or load in a saved template of your own. Page template icons are wireframes of what their layouts can be. Use these section templates as a starting point for designs of your own based on what type of content assets you have available.

If you only have a logo, an address, and five pictures, then there’s a good chance you should use one of the simple heading/subheading/button type of layouts that don’t require video, image galleries, or audio embeds.

Swap in your own logos, photos, background imagery, videos, or just about any content into these pre-packaged templates for a responsive landing page that will look great on any device, and a quick way to get started concepting your site.

Landing Page Templates

You can access the landing page template modal from the same place you access the section templates, and saved block layouts from behind the C9 Blocks sidebar. Click the feather icon seen above in your WordPress admin to see the buttons.

The Page Templates button should open up a modal that has a set of landing pages developed from our blocks, and from built-in WordPress blocks. These full landing page templates are meant to act as an entire full page set for users in various states of the customers journey.

They could be new customers, (Just becoming aware of you) new fans, potential clients, (People considering you) or for your most loyal friends. (People looking for something to buy or convert on)

We suggest using page templates like these as a starting point, and then saving your templates into the Saved Blocks area of the sidebar clicking on the three dots icon on a C9 Grid or Block and then clicking on “add to reusable blocks.” Your block layouts will then show up in the modal from the Saved Blocks button.